Weekend Warrior: A Checklist for Summer


If you live in the Birmingham area you’ll know that the last few days have felt like Sum-mer with a capital S. It’s reaching well into the 90s some days. I’m talking the take your breath away when you get in a hot car heat. You know, the sticky, sweaty heat that makes you want to just go naked. It’s just hot. And where is the wind? If anyone finds it let me know.

I’m stuck in a cubicle counting down the days until my next mini-vacation. I just got back from Charleston and there are so many things I wish I would have taken with us. There’s nothing cute about having a tomato-red sunburn because you forgot to pack sunscreen. Trust me, I’m a redhead. So, this weekend head to Target and get these items so you can enjoy your vacation when it finally gets here.

  1. Double check your cabinets for sunscreen. Did you know that SPF can expire? Check the expiration dates, and if you can’t locate, toss it and start over.
  2. Ditto aloe vera.
  3. Make sure you have a bathing suit that fits. You might have grown/shrunk since last year and it’s good to be on the safe side. Besides, sometimes you can get those little bumps all on the bum of your suit bottom. That’s not cute either.
  4. Check your closets for the beach essentials: a good sunhat, light cover up, shorts, tanks and flip flops. If you’re lacking any, add them to the list.
  5. Check the condition of your beach towels. If they are hanging on by a thread, literally, grab some more.
  6. If you have a beach trip in mind, it’s always good to have chairs. I like the kind that sit low to the ground. Optional: umbrellas are great to have for those with sensitive skin.
  7. Find a good tote. Whether you’re going to the pool, beach, etc. a good tote with many pockets comes in handy.
  8. Pick up a good summer book. Check out my list here. Summer days can be long and you never know when you can catch up on a good book.
  9. Create a travel emergency kit. Include band aids, Neosporin, unscented wipes, Advil, tampon/panty liner, mini deodorant, Kleenex, chap stick, fingernail clippers, mini sewing kit, pony tail holder, bobby pins, safety pins, or anything else you think you might need.
  10. Invest in a cute clutch. Sometimes all you need is your phone, keys, and a little cash. With all the events in the summer, it’s good to have a small clutch instead of a huge bag.

Am I missing anything?


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