My Three Muses


When I saw Tiffany Leigh’s “Three Muses” pillow, I immediately wanted to create my own. The pillow highlights three people, all women, that Tiffany admires for one reason or the other. I’ll be honest, it took me a minute to come up with three people that I look up to. I finally came up with my three: Lauren Conrad, Rachel Ashwell, and Eleanor Roosevelt.


The first is obviously Lauren Conrad. I’ve been watching her forever, since the Laguna Beach days. Through all of the hook-ups, break-ups, and make-ups, she stayed true to herself and followed her dreams which is why I love her so. If you follow any of her social media icons, you know that she’s always working on something bigger and better. For starters, she is the CEO of LC Lauren Conrad, Paper Crown, and The Little Market. She’s written eight books and collaborated with tons of companies. It’s safe to say she’s established a pretty awesome life for herself and if you thought it couldn’t get any better, she’s getting married soon! She is my fashion muse – not only because her clothes and accessories are adorable, but because with every thread and every detail there is passion behind it.

The second is Rachel Ashwell. She is my design muse. Tiffany chose Kelly Wearstler, which is another good one, but Rachel has a special style that I love. Rachel’s designs are so delicate and heavenly. I look to her for design inspiration often for my own home. She and Lauren Conrad are similar in taste. Rachel’s style is known as Shabby Chic, which is a mixture of distressed, worn furniture with pastel lacy fabrics. I call it boutique style because when you’re in one of her rooms, you feel like you can’t touch anything because it looks so expensive. Rachel also has her own company called Shabby Chic and has written a few books and has done a collaboration with Target.

The third is Eleanor Roosevelt. Choosing her is no surprise. She was such a successful woman who accomplished so much in her time. She changed the role of the first lady and didn’t stand back in the corner and let her husband make all of the decisions. She showed the world what women were capable of and I think that many of the successful women of today look up to her for that. Among many things, Eleanor focused on helping the country’s poor, stood against racial discrimination and, during World War II, traveled abroad to visit U.S. troops. She was a woman with power and one I try to hold myself to the standard of every day.

So, now I challenge you. Who are your three muses? It’s hard to pick just three!

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