DIY Wooden Spoons

Wooden Spoons_Title

Handmade goods are great gifts for any occasion. They are a simple way to show you care and most people will love that you put a little sweat into it. (Literally, I did this at 7pm and it was around 85 degrees, so there was a lot of sweat that went into these!!!) Everyone loves the classic wooden spoon, so what better way to gift a set than to add a little flare to them with spray paint!

Wooden Spoons1

This is the easiest, chicest DIY you’ll ever read. All it takes is a pack of wooden spoons ($3 at Walmart), a can of spray paint, old newspaper, and Scotch tape. And maybe an old pizza box. So basically just a bunch of stuff already lying around your house.

Wooden Spoons2

I love all things gold so that’s the color that I chose. If I do this again, I would love to play with bright summery colors. Pink, orange and yellow would be too cute!

I tore a sheet out of a magazine, that just so happened to be in Spanish, and taped it tightly around each spoon. If you have masking tape or blue painter’s tape you could skip this step.

Wooden Spoons3

I sprayed one side, let it dry for about 20-30 minutes and then sprayed the other side. I may have also giggled a little because I just love gold spray paint.

Wooden Spoons4

If you have a clear coat spray paint, I would suggest spraying it on top to keep the paint from rubbing/scraping off. But that’s it! Unwrap your beauties and admire them. I love the way they turned out! I was this close to adding glitter. It still seems like an excellent idea.

Wooden Spoons5

Wooden Spoons6

Wooden Spoons7

If you try this DIY out for yourself, post pictures below so I can see them! I’m dying to see some neon pink ones!!

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