Unexpected Ways To Add PINK To Your Home Décor


A little bit of pink never hurt anybody! Pink is such a fabulous color. If you ask me, it’s a neutral color in my book! I love all shades of pink and I love decorating with it. I’ve been dying to redesign a lobby with a pink accent color, but my male clients aren’t too fond of that idea. I’m still working on it.

Color trends change so frequently, so redecorating every time a new one comes around can be quite expensive. However, there are easy, budget-friendly ways to change up your décor as often as you’d like. If you’re trying to incorporate a pop of color into your home, you’ve clicked on the right link. Today I’m sharing my secrets to a tossing an unexpected color in a space. A great eye-catching color to play with? Pink!

Flowers. As you see in the photo above, floral arrangements are a great way to add a pop of color into your space. Fresh flowers bring a little life into your room, so I suggest treating yourself to them often.

Pillows. Ad you also see in the photo above, pillows are the easiest way to add a pop of color. Color trends change every year, so when you’re tired of one color recover them or toss ’em.


Accent Pieces. An ottoman or another accent piece like a garden stool or console table is a perfect way to get than “wow” factor of a room. It’s unexpected and refreshing.

Paint. Painting the inside of a bookshelf, the inside of an interior door trim, or the inside sides of dresser drawers can definitely be unexpected. There’s just enough color to make the room interesting.

Hanging art by yourself is hard. Ask a friend to help. — NE Photo by Jamie Lauren Photography via Style Me Pretty

Artwork. Artwork is a excellent solution for drawing in color. A black and white room immediately pops when you toss in a bright and fun shade. One piece is all it takes!

Books. I love using the spines of color books as accent pieces. Color coordinate your books, or head to the thrift store and find a bunch of one color. Bonus tip: think contrast. If you’re buying a lot of pink books, make sure the bookcase is white or a lighter shade so the pink can stand out.

How do you like to add in pops of color to your home?



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