Espresso Yourself

 Affogato al Caffe

I apologize in advance for any addictions that may form after reading this post. Proceed with caution.

Sometimes you just have a case of the Mondays, amirite? Needy clients, the phone doesn’t stop ringing for a second, your inbox looks like you’ve been on vacation for three weeks, etcetera etcetera. The list goes on. When I have one of these days, all I want when I get home is ice cream and Netflix. But sometimes I’m so stinking tired that I come home and fall into my dog hair-covered sofa and beg my sweet and loving boyfriend to fix me an Affogato al Caffe.


I just love to say that phrase. It’s so easy a caveman, ehr, my undomesticated, but so, so hot, boyfriend can do it. I first heard about this espresso-ice cream concoction from the one-and-only Martha Stewart Living magazine when I was in highschool (circa 2010-ish) and also around the time I starting trying different types of coffee. The Affogato al Caffe works as an after dinner drink and dessert and is both warm and cold all at the same time. It’s the definition of comfort food.


Now, I’ve tried a lot of vanilla ice creams in my day, but the one I’ve found that works the best with this recipe is Edy’s Slow Churned Vanilla Bean. I love the vanilla bean and this particular brand is super creamy and rich. I used my Imusa espresso machine and Pilon ground espresso. However, my friend just gave me a bag of a Thiriku blend from Revelator Coffee Company based in Birmingham, so I tried it for this post. The smell alone will draw you in. I used my coffee grinder and made sure it was super fine. One to two scoops will do the trick.


I started with my ice cream in a glass and then poured the hot espresso on top. You can stop here or add caramel or chocolate syrup for a more decadent flavor. The coffee will still be hot, obviously, so be cautious. I’m not responsible for any burnt tongues!



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