Drugstore Summer Glow

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One little known fact about me is that I am a redhead who can actually get and keep a decent tan. I have darker auburn hair and in the summertime I am able to tan quite frequently without getting burnt. It’s a blessing and a curse. Once or twice a week, I use a tanning bed. Before you scold me about skin cancer and wrinkles, I understand all of these risks. I have tried a lot of self-tanners and they all make me look orange. Especially around the creases in my knees and elbows. Yuck! Besides they smell disgusting and you have to walk around your house naked for 30 minutes to allow it to completely dry.


Understanding that I am in the “fair skin” category and all the bad stuff involved with tanning beds, I wanted to find something that would work and better yet look natural. When I was chosen by Influenster to try out Sally Hanson’s airbrush legs, I was skeptical. I thought just another self-tanner that’s going to make me look gross. They gave me this handy dandy $2 coupon, so I couldn’t help but give it shot.

I was amazed how quick I saw results. I sprayed it on and BAM, gorgeous summer glow. It was that quick! I used the medium shade, frankly because they didn’t have the lighter but it was perfect. After I sprayed it on, I used a creamy body lotion right on top. This evened it out and warmed up my skin.


Overall opinion: This product had no sketchy smell, often found in similar products and more importantly stayed on my silky smooth skin, not my wardrobe. The best part is it’s water resistant so there’s no fear in it rubbing off at the pool. I give this product a thumbs up, and the fact that I can get it at my drugstore without breaking the bank, that’s another thumbs up!

If you wish to try out Sally Hansen’s airbrush legs, use this $2 coupon and share your results with me.

Special thanks to my sponsors:

*I received free promotional products for this post; however, they are products I asked for and would purchase myself. All opinions and photographs are my own.

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