A Lilly Strapless


A couple of months ago Lilly Pulitzer launched a collection for Target. The entire Internet flipped out and bought everything in approximately 12 hours. I doubt it lasted that long. I wasn’t on my online shopping game, so I missed out. However, I waited patiently and was able to snatch up this maxi-dress second hand from someone who never even wore it. Score for Natalie!





I fell in love the second I put it on. This print is SO fun and perfect for summer. I love that I don’t have to do much to dress it up. It’s already festive by itself. The fabric was a lot heavier than I imagined, but it’s super soft and comfy. In the stock photo, the dress comes to the model’s ankles. Well… she’s either 7 foot tall or I’m just really short. It puddles the ground on me. I may be taking it to get it altered. LOL!

Anyhow, I’m obsessed and I paid a fraction for it. Leave it to those impulse buyers who buy stuff and never wear it. It gladly made its home in my closet and I’m one happy camper.

xoxonatalie copy

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