I have been wanting to share with you my living room for a while now. I’ve finally got it to where I can say, “Yeah, I like that.” I live in a rental so there’s not much I can do. However, I decorated with lots of color.

Navy and emerald are two of my favorite colors, and I love the way they look next to each other. My boyfriend is a major UAB fan, and we’re both Gemini’s so it makes perfect sense! Can you tell I love pillows? The black and white stripe are actually outdoor pillows, but I love that they add a classic element. The furry white ones  are just for fun and my puppy adores laying right on top. But, my favorite are the emerald ones. I found these emerald feather-down pillows at Tuesday Morning a few months ago and almost lost it. I had been looking for them forever! Are they lovely? I grabbed the HOME pillow this weekend, and it adds the final touch.



Good design is in the details. I have a lot of little knick-knacks around my home that hold some sort of meaning in my life. For starters, I love globes. I just started collecting them one day, and now I’m obsessed. I love tossing gold and white accents in and about. Probably my favorite part of the room is my console table. I snagged it at a yard sale for $50. I hate that it’s hidden most of the time, but I love that it adds a nature element into my home.

lamp (Walmart) \ lantern (gifted) \ Paris teapot (TJ Maxx) \ gold candlestick holders (TJ Maxx)




My bookshelf is next on the tour. I love this pop of color over on this corner of the room. It’s on my bookshelf you see my globe collection. I’m super proud of it. All of these globes were gifted to me, which make them more special. My favorite piece on my bookshelf is the barnwood picture frame my sister made. It’s actual barnwood from my Papa’s barn before it was torn down.


My fireplace is another focal point of the home, partly because I’ve got a 60″ TV plastered up on the wall. (All the boyfriend’s doing.) I have another thing with birds. Both of my grandmothers loved them, so there’s a lot of those scattered throughout my house as well.




Your home should be your sanctuary; a place of rest and relaxation. I adore my little rental, but I can’t wait until I have my own. I’m looking forward to painting the walls and doing fun ceilings. For now, I am proud of it, and I love walking through the front door and seeing my fur baby welcoming me home.





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