3-Ingredient Apricot Chicken


This super easy 3-ingredient baked chicken recipe is a crowd pleaser. It’s on repeat at my house and last night, I introduced it to my family. This chicken has the perfect amount of flavor and tenderness. I served it over rice with corn on the cob and cornbread (we like a lot of corn). This would also be great as a freezer meal. Mix the ingredients together in a gallon zip lock bag. Lay flat in your freezer. Set out chicken the morning of or switch it into refrigerator to defrost overnight. See instructions below!






6-8 chicken tenderloins
1 bottle Russian dressing (at least 8 oz)
1 packet dry onion soup mix
1 jar Smuckers apricot preserves
tin foil

Preheat oven to 360 degrees. Lay out chicken tenderloins in a oven-safe dish. Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and then pour the mixture over the chicken making sure you’ve covered ever piece. Cover with aluminum foil and toss in the oven for 45 minutes or until the insides of the chicken are cooked through (white). Serve over rice with excess juice from the pan.


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