A Cosmic Chic Nursery

I’m all about some nurseries recently! It’s making me have baby fever, but hold the baby! I just want to design the nursery! You saw Wren’s adorable modern chic nursery about two weeks ago. And because I love stalking celebrities to see what they are up to, I found this one that it simply stunning…

Tiffani Thiessen Blue Nursery

The world knows her as Kelly Kapowski from Saved By The Bell, but her real name is Tiffani Thiessen and did you know she just had a baby?! I sure didn’t. I guess my stalker game is off. My Domaine’s Julia Millay Walsh toured Baby Holt’s (name crush!) cosmic chic nursery and it is simply stunning. The room thrives off of the accent wall, which is covered in Eskayel’s “Kusafiri” wallpaper.  Don’t worry, it’s just $612\PER ROLL. But it sure does make a statement and goes well with his spacey theme he’s got going on. Check out some of the photos from the tour below.

Tiffani Thiessen Blue Nursery

Tiffani Thiessen Blue Nursery

Tiffani Thiessen Blue Nursery

Baby Holt, YOU ARE SPOLIED!! And Kelly, you’re looking lovely as ever. Check out the rest of the tour by clicking here.

How do you feel about this blue nursery? Love it or hate it?




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