5 Things Your Bookcase Is Lacking


As you already know, I’m a bookcase fanatic. There really is an art to styling a bookcase. You can’t just throw a bunch of things up there and hope for the best. It requires thought, time and organizational skills. But you can learn how to style a great bookcase in no time! Before you begin styling, double check and make sure you have these five things.

  1. Colorful books. If you want your bookcase to be a focal point and be full of color, you must have pretty colorful books. Don’t get me wrong, a neutral bookcase can be just as elegant. But why not have a little fun and add some pops of color.
  2. Greenery.  You can’t go wrong with adding a little greenery. This can be done with faux flowers and succulents from discount home stores like Home Goods and Tuesday Morning. Freshening up your bookcase can do wonders!
  3. Decorative objects. I love little sit-arounds like this bronze rhino. Find a few objects at your discount home store that serve a little meaning to you. Candles, jars, animals, glass vases, and geometric shapes had interest and dimension to your bookcase. Without them, your bookcase can look a little flat.
  4. Storage boxes. These are great to have to store old photos or hide TV remotes while also adding color to your bookcase. They don’t have to be hot pink, but find a color that works well with your décor. You’ll be surprised how much you can store in these things. Storage boxes come pretty cheap; I’ve found them at Target, Walmart, Office Depot, and TJ Maxx.
  5. Baskets. Baskets are another way of storing items you wouldn’t necessarily want poking out, but that you don’t want completely hidden either. They give your bookcase texture and warmth among all the flat and shiny objects. Depending on your room, baskets can hold a lot of things such as towels, office supplies, sandals, or cooking utensils. They can be flat or deep, but a little bit goes a long way.

Stay tuned for more bookcase styling tips! Happy styling!


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