Weekend + Links


For some reason this week went a lot slower that expected, given we had an extra day off. It’s been a stressful one to say the least, but …drumroll… we bought a house! We’re so in love and so excited to make it our own. We have a few more weeks of financing to go through, but it’ll be ours Oct. 1. I’ve been online window shopping all week and have picked out some new furniture and light fixtures. I’m more so excited for the transformation part — I’m a sucker for a before and after. I’m going to have blogging material for months! This weekend, I’m going to Prattville to visit my sister and watch all three kiddos play soccer and celebrate a very special birthday. My oldest nephew is TEN (!??!?!!??!) on Sept. 22. It’s so stinking hard to believe. Hope everyone has a great week, but before I go here’s some link I came across this week.

I could eat pizza every day. This guide to healthier pizza is right up my alley.

This black scalloped cami is totes adorbs.

Definitely crushing on Target’s fall home collection.

The best little tassel tutorial I’ve ever seen. I’ve made like twelve of these, no joke.

Apparently head transplants are a thing.

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