Apartment Therapy: Complete + Happy Home Review


I owe my love of interior design to a few things:

  1. TLC’s Trading Spaces circa 2008
  2. Target’s home décor section. Obvi.
  3. The very first season of HGTV’s Design Star where I first fell in love with David Bromstand.
  4. The wasted time looking at magazines in line at the grocery store and discovering Dorothy Draper in Veranda. My goodness, that woman.
  5. My mother’s courageousness that let me to let my paint my room turquoise. (She hasn’t painted over it yet!)
  6. The town of Savannah, GA.
  7. Flea markets.
  8. The invention of AutoCAD.
  9. Numerous boss ladies in the field.
  10. And the amazing and talented writers of Apartment Therapy.

The latter of those mixed with living in numerous apartments is really what gave me the push to study small spaces and learn ways to decorate them on a budget, and well. I would spend countless hours looking at before and after shots and was amazed. It’s where I discovered the hidden talent of being able to picture something out of nothing. I learned about designers such as Jonathan Adler and Rachel Ashwell and tried my hardest to attempt decorating with both styles. (It didn’t work!) I’m a sucker for a transformation story and good design done right, and Apartment Therapy is where I went to fill that addiction.


When looking for my next book to review on Blogging For Books, the new Apartment Therapy: Complete + Happy Home caught my eye immediately. Maybe it’s the cover, maybe it’s my history with them, maybe it’s my love of coffee table books. In any case, I immediately requested a copy. It arrived and was more beautiful in person.

I flipped through it and was intrigued with each page. The 75+ colored photos are gorgeous and the how-to sections were addicting. Because if you know me, you know I love a good how-to book. I’m learning so much as I read it, like the importance of details, lighting, palettes, flooring, and textures that make a room work. It’s mostly stuff I already know, but written in a new form that makes it all feel new again. It’s like a flash back to college with a much more fun textbook. My favorite part is the section in the beginning about house styles. I’m currently house hunting with my boyfriend and I was able to take the book with us and point to houses that look like the illustrations in the book. It was fun watching him learn the classic architectural styles. NERDS!


If you have domino: the book of decorating, then you must have this one. It releases on September 15th and I hope you will at least go browse through it in the bookstore. It’s broken down into sections from entry ways to living rooms to kids’ rooms, each unique and full of style. You’ll love it just as much as I do.

“A complete and happy home is so much more than a series of pretty rooms. Between these two covers, we’ve captured everything we’ve learned at Apartment Therapy about decorating, organizing, cleaning, and repairs, so you can make and maintain your own fabulous home.”
—from the Introduction

I received this book from Blogging For Books. All opinions are my own.


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