5 Simple Ways to Update Your Entryway (Slideshow)

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Entry ways are the first thing your guests see when they come into your home. It takes seconds to make a first impression, so you’ve got to give off a good one. Here are 5 simple ways to update your entryway. No contractors needed.

1. Anchor Your Space – If you took anything away from geometry class, it’s that symmetry is key–especially when it comes to home decorating. To achieve a polished, uniform look in your entryway, place two stunning (and identical) lamps on your console table. Identical sconces can also help to fill a sparse wall.

2. One For the Money –  Gallery walls are great and all, but sometimes one standout piece of art or a mirror is much more impactful.

3. Make a Statement – Your entryway is the first space people see when they walk into your home, so why not make it special with a fun wallpaper or a chest of drawers painted in a bright color?

4. Try a Natural Selection –  Fresh flowers add a natural element to your entry way. It’s like your own personal “welcome home” sign when you come through the front door. For when you need to save a little (because fresh flowers can get a little expensive!), succulents or banana leaves require little water and still give a nice look.

5. Clear the Way – Remember, folks: This is an entryway, so it should be kept uncluttered for comings and goings. Limit yourself to one focal piece (a chest or a set of ottomans). You don’t want anyone tripping as they leave your house.

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