Inexpensive Watercolor Art


There are a ton of free prints online that you can download and use as wall decor. I personally love the watercolor prints, so I went to the web to find a few to use in my room. I found the super popular pink lips and a pair of leopard smoking flats that I knew I wanted to try.


So, I downloaded the file and opened them up in Photoshop. I scaled it to fit on a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Then, I saved them as PDFs and sent them to Office Depot to print. I printed them on white canvas paper, so the watercolor would look original. You can see a close up shot of the small basketweave texture below. Each print cost me around $10 for color. They did a great job with the print and the image wasn’t blurry or fuzzy at all.


Next, I hit the road to find some frames. I was shocked when I found these at Walmart for less than $10/each! And they even come with a white mat. They look like wood, but are actually plastic. You’d never know the difference.


I used a piece of doublesided tape the tape the image to the mat, so it wouldn’t slide.


And bam.. inexpensive watercolor art. All in all these prints cost me $40, but when you think about the price of the individual print, I more than doubled my savings.



It’s so cheap, that it’s addicting. I’ve done quite of few of these for birthday gifts and other gallery walls in my home. The secret’s out!

2 thoughts on “Inexpensive Watercolor Art

  1. Meredith says:

    OMG, those frames from Walmart are what I need! The mat really makes all the difference in making a print look nice. I found a ton of prints for less than $5 on Etsy – totally heading to Walmart for these frames too.

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