How High to Hang Art & Mirrors

If I had a dollar for every piece of art that I saw that was hung too high, I’d be a millionaire. I have a huge pet peeve for a piece of art or a mirror that’s hung either too high. Most people have always heard, “Hang your pictures at eye-level.” Well, unless you’re Shaq, there’s no reason for your artwork to be hung so close to the ceiling. Let’s bring those babies down a little.


So, let me help you out. There are two different scenarios that can dictate placement for artwork. Either your artwork (or mirror!) is the focal point or it’s being hung over a piece of furniture such as a chest or sofa.

For the first scenario, the magic number is 58″ above the floor. This applies for one piece or a grouping of pieces like you would have in a gallery. See the examples below.

1 piece at 58

gallery wall at 58

3 pieces at 58

symmetrical balance at 58

For the second scenario, artwork or mirrors should be hung 6″ above the piece of furniture. Same applies for galleries or one single piece. See the examples below.

hanging artwork over sofa 1

hanging artwork over console or sideboard

hanging artwork over sofa 2

The goal is for the furniture and the art to look connected within the space.  If the art is hung too high, it appears to be floating.  Remember, you’re not trying to fill the whole wall with the art by hanging it right in the middle, you’re trying to bring the eye down to the vignette you’ve created with your furniture and art.

Happy styling!!

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