Review: Happy Soap Co.

Happy Soap Company

As part of my giveaway on Facebook for reaching 150 (and more!) followers, I’ve asked some of the local bloggers and artisans from Pepper Place to donate items for a basket that one lucky winner will receive.


One of the owners I had the pleasure of meeting was Jill with Happy Soap Company. Happy Soap Co. was started out of frustration of the way Jill’s hair and skin felt all the time. Jill, a chemistry grad, put her degree to work and started making soaps, shampoo bars, deodorants, They do not believe they need to use ingredients that lead to the destruction of rainforests and the extinction of the wonderful creatures who live there.

I was thrilled when Jill decided to be a part of my giveaway. I ran down to Pepper Place on Saturday and got to test out a few of her most popular products. Jill donated a lavender hand soap and lime hand spray sanitizer, which are both wonderful! I really wanted to grab one of everything on her table, but I settled for a multi-task cleaner in a delicious lemongrass scent.


This stuff is amazing. This spray is the ultimate multi-tasker! It is safe and effective on glass, mirrors, counter tops, stainless steel, sealed stone, chrome, appliances, laminates, butcher block, tile, porcelain, sinks, tubs, and painted wood. Then, when you have finished cleaning all of those things, you can also use Multi-Task Spray Cleaner as a linen and ironing spray. Freshen the scent of your home, spray pillows, sofas, pet beds, and more.

Try it and other wonderful products at


This is not a sponsored post. I paid for this cleaner on my own. However, Happy Soap Co. did donate items for my giveaway basket. 

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