A little bit about my blog: If you are familiar with Thirty-Seventh Avenue you know how important family is to me. The name of this blog derived from a special place from my childhood. The home I lived in for eighteen years sat on a street called Thirty-Seventh Avenue. Everything I know to be true today originated from memories made in that house. I take pride in those who surround me and every opportunity I get to express that passion I do with great honor. My blog is just an extension of the style that I have developed since I was a little girl. I have always had a passion for interior design, and I love sharing that passion with my readers! Not only do I love interiors, but I love fashion, food, health and wellness, and beauty. This blog is a lifestyle blog that isn’t made up of just one topic, but many that I love dearly. I hope that you’ll love it too.

A little bit about me: By day I am commercial interior designer. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in interior design and started practicing immediately. My primary focus is hotel design, but I enjoy aspects of residential as well. I started a book club the summer of 2015 called Over The Mountain Book Club and am active member of numerous social groups such as Birmingham Bloggers and Alabama Women Bloggers. When you aren’t catching me nose deep in a good book, I am probably doing one of these things: baking sweet treats, photographing said sweets, styling local boutique clothing, working out at the gym, getting my nails done, binge watching some show on Netflix (preferably a drama or comedy), planning a trip somewhere new, attending a UAB sporting event, rearranging my furniture, or organizing my Pinterest boards. I have an amazing better half who challenges me everyday to be my best self and we are the fur-rents of a wild Papillion-mix named Mila. Life may be crazy, but it’s never boring.


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