Friday Faves


It’s Friday and I’m feeling happy. For one, my beau comes home after the longest six weeks ever and I’m so super pumped about seeing him. And two, I’m leaving to go to Virginia tomorrow! So here’s a few of my favorite things to get you through this holiday weekend.


Favorite Shoe: I have been seeing laser cut shoes, tops, and dresses everywhere. Of course, I would find a pair that are sold out, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t my favorite shoe find of the week. Pair these with denim for casual Fridays or a cream peplum and black crops for a dressier occasion. There’s also an outfit pictured in the title above. ;) Either way, they made the list this week.


Favorite Detail: Another thing I’m loving are these dipped gold mason jars. These would be perfect for centerpieces for fall or a baby shower, or just an everyday go-to vase for fresh blooms. Get the tutorial by clicking the link above.


Favorite Treat: Fall can’t come soon enough. I’ve already started making arrangements for a fall kickoff party at my house. These adorable apple pops are on the list. I like how you can allow guests to make their own apple pops by filling a muffin pan with dips and sweet toppings. It’s like a candy bar only a tad bit healthier, right?

Favorite Song: I have had this song on repeat for days. I’m not why I love is so much. The lyrics are a little weird, but the beat and her voice get me pumped up every time.


Favorite Space: I love this little girl’s room designed by Furbish Studio. All the details are just so unique, like the framed shopping bags over the bed and the stunning wallpapered ceiling. I wouldn’t have put lavender and turquoise together, but it looks great in this space. To see more of this cute room, click the picture above.

Happy Friday, and Happy Labor Day!


Pineapple Flowers

My mother has been taking cake decorating classes with Wilton and she comes home with these tiny masterpieces that are just stunning. Fondant flowers, ribbons, icing that looks like grass: it’s ridiculously awesome. I’ve been trying to come up with something to compete with her, but I haven’t outdone her yet. But when I saw LC’s post on these adorable (and edible) fruit flowers this week, I knew I had to try them out. I made not have outdone her carnations or lilies, but I’m pretty proud of myself.


Aren’t they great? It was a fairly easy process (not) that made this pretty plain cupcake look ten times better. I love the burnt edges and the way it curled up. It really looks like a flower, but the best part is it’s edible! I am all about details, details, details. It’s the little things that people remember about a party, or anything for that matter.

So without further adieu, here’s how to make these precious things.


So you’re going to need a pineapple, a melon baller, a cutting board and a big, huge knife. A chopping knife would have been better, but I didn’t have one. Other things that might come in handy are parchment paper, mini cupcake liners, patience, and a little John Mayer.

Oh, go ahead and preset your oven to 350 degrees. Don’t wait until the last minute like I always do.


First, you cut the head and tail off.


Then you strip it! Take all of the rind off of it.


Then, you use your melon baller to scrap the “eyes” off. Those are the hard brown spots. SIDENOTE: Even there are not brown spots on some parts, scoop little craters anyway. The goal is to make your pineapple look like a bee hive.


This is when a chopping knife would have been better to use. Cut THIN, almost translucent slices off. If you have some straight lines, use your melon baller to fix it. Line a cookie sheet with parchment (I only had foil) and lay out your slices. Obviously, your pineapple will cut a lot more than six. I only had four cupcakes, so I didn’t make many. If you’re decorating a cake, you’ll probably need a lot more.

Place your slices in the oven and bake for 30-45 minutes, flipping them about half way through. SIDENOTE: parchment paper is better to use because the flowers tend to burn and stick and it’s difficult to get them off.

So while my flowers baked, Mila and I hung out. She’s such a good helper.



When the flower’s petals start to curl and turn brown, they’re probably done. The thinner your slices the quicker they will bake. Take them off the cookie sheet, carefully, and place them in a cupcake tin. Place in the freezer for about 10 minutes or until they harden. You might need to form them into the shape you want. I used mini cupcake liners to help with this.


When they are hardened, you get to play with them. On the left is one flower and on the right is two. I like the fullness of two better.

Here’s some up close and personal shots. I may be a little biased, but again, AREN’T THEY BEAUTIFUL!?




I think the cake decorating genes are in me. There’s not doubt about it.

If you try these pineapple flowers out yourself (and I hope you will!), send me pictures! I would love to know your process stories and tips that might make this time-consuming process a little easier. I’m always up for learning short cuts!

Happy Friday, everyone!

PS: I am leaving tomorrow to go on a 7-day trip with my family to Massanutten, Virginia. We’re driving, so keep good thoughts in your heads that we have a safe trip. Oh, and get ready to see my Instagram explode!


Traditional Glam

I’m feeling moody.. for navy and gold, that is! I love mixing antiques with pieces that are girly and glamorous. That’s why this mood board is called Traditional Glam. The main focal point would be the Jonathan Adler bergère chair. Even though it’s not technically an “antique,” the style is similar and that deep navy velvet looks amazing with the contrasting white frame. I love the simplicity of the other pieces: a polka-dot cup for brushes or pens, a cluster of frames with just enough detail, and a glass lamp with a linen shade. They are not too over-the-top, but they are still glitzy. The chandelier is a little pop of sparkle and the mirrored vanity and stool are perfect for a small space (the mirrors makes the room feel larger!). The throw pillows, jewelry box, and end table are just a few added pieces to add interest. If this was a parlor or make-up room, it would be stunning.

Tradtional Glam

You can click on any of the pieces and it’ll send you directly to where they came from.

If you’re wanting to stick to your roots but add a little pizzazz, this board is for you. Start with a focal piece and work your way around it adding things that you like and that are, of course, glamorous!


Celebrate Fall


Have I mentioned how much I LOVE fall? I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of many this morning and I could almost feel the crisp air ‘a coming… I can’t wait to get my home in order for the season.

Are you planning on having a fall get-together? If so, try some of these rustic table décor ideas to get your guests in the spirit!

  • This easy DIY vase filler is so simple. Fill a decorative hurricane with faux acorns and then add your favorite fall candle. Or for another twist, fill it will dried cranberries, peas, or corn.
  • If you’re serving food, gather some fall-tastic recipes and create a fun menu. Guests will love picking their favorites. Then to eat on, pick up a pack of these recycled bamboo paper plates.
  • Make guests feel fancy with their name on a card in these natural tree stump cardholders.
  • Top it off with a mixture of fall leaves and white ceramic pumpkins for centerpieces.

All you have left is the guest list!

To get a full list of the items above click here.


Tips for Budgeting while in College


Tuesdays are tip days and today’s tips are about budgeting while you’re in college. This post is a little longer than usual, but I hope it will help someone out and save a lot of potential stress.

College is an exciting time. You’re moving out of your immature highschool days and into successful career-building days. Everything you do from now on will be worth something in the end. All of the hours studying and researching and staying up late will eventually pay off. The people you meet in college will be your biggest fans for when you walk across the stage.. and one of them might be your future employer. All of this is what they tell you when you first start college. What they don’t tell you is how to budget.

I didn’t go to a big college or even a medium size college. I went to a tiny school that was actually affiliated and sat on the same campus with a community college. And by campus, I mean a shopping mall. I’m not kidding. My “school” was called the Southern Institute of Interior Design but it was AT Virginia College in Birmingham. We didn’t have sports, clubs, activities or anything even remotely student-evolving that I could join or be a part of. It’s sad, really, BUT I chose my school because of three reasons. One, it was close to home. Two, it was accredited by a organization that was important for my major (Council for Interior Design Accreditation: CIDA). And three, it would keep me out of trouble. I finished in three years with a 3.9 GPA so I think it worked. For me, having the “college experience” wasn’t something that was a high priority to me. Maybe I’ll regret that later. Maybe I wont.

What it left me with is about $30k in student debt that will take me at least 10 years to pay off. And that’s just my portion. My gracious and amazing parents paid the majority of the rest already. THANK GOD for parents.

Since I’ve graduated and am now supposed to be wise and intelligent, I can look back and say that I wish I would have budgeted myself better. My boyfriend is as frugal as they come and he told me over and over, “You really need to save better.” And of course I didn’t listen because I have about $2k in savings and $30k in student debt. I can’t even begin to imagine how much I would have if I would have been better about saving. Now that I know better there are three things I wish I would have known about budgeting when I was in school. Maybe these will help you not get in the same situation that I’m in.

1) Shop your home, or better yet, live there if you can. I lived at home for the first year of school and Miss. Independent Me wanted to get out and live on my own. Why on Earth did I do that? I got a roommate (that’s another story for another day) and bought all new stuff to decorate it with. I inherited a few things like a sofa and a dining room table, but that’s about it. It never occurred to me that it was okay to not have a whole lot and to save as much as I could for a future house. So I jammed packed it full with everything I could possibly think of. A few things from my parent’s house would have been fine. And better yet, I should have stayed there. That was one of three apartments I had in the time I moved out till I graduated. With each apartment, more stuff came with it. Moreover, I should’ve borrowed stuff from Mom and Dad. They had enough to supply all three of apartments.

2) Reuse binders and school supplies. I was a sucker for new school supplies. Every subject got a new binder, tabs, and folders. Again, why on Earth did I do that? I could have bought three binders and reused them for each quarter. Also, filler paper is cheaper than notebooks. Not as cute, but cheaper. Mechanical pencils and cheep BIC pens are perfectly fine. You don’t have to have colored gel pens that are $6 bucks a pack. Moral of this tip: Shop at the Dollar Store for all of your school supplies.

3) Write out a budget and STICK TO IT! I should have done this on day one, but of course I thought I would be fine. And I was. I worked two jobs most of my school career and made enough money to pay bills and still live they way I wanted to – which was freely. If I would have started a budget and a savings account and knew exactly how much I could spend in each category and how much to put away, I wouldn’t be so freaked out now about starting to pay off some of this debt. Remember when I said everything you do now will pay off in the future? It really will. Even if you save $100 a month, that’s $4,800 if you go to a 4-year college. And better yet, when summer rolls around double that and save $200 for the summer months. That’s $2,400 MORE money you could have. That’s in total $7,200 you would have in savings when you graduated. If I had that right now, oh my goodness, I would feel so amazing.

So if you’re just starting school or this is your last year it’s never to late to start budgeting and saving money. Those student loans will sneak in and will scare the crap out of you. And if you’re like me, you’ll lay awake at night and think of ways to make additional income like making wreaths and selling cupcakes at the corner. Don’t laugh, you will to. BUT you don’t have to worry if you plan now. Borrow stuff from your parent’s, reuse those binders until they are falling apart, and make a budget that works for you and by God, stick to it. I never said you couldn’t have a category for “fun.” You totally can. Just be mindful and smart. If you can only put aside $50 a month, that’s still  fine. You’ll still have a good amount when you get through.

School is supposed to be one of the most exciting times of your life. Don’t wish it away and don’t fly through it spending bills left and right. Work a little, save a lot and have fun.


A Closet Fit For A Queen
















alice-lane-home-collection-blush-lamp fashion-books-in-office perfume-holder-tray valentino-fashion-book

Designer: Alice Lane Photos: Pink Peonies (Heather Telford)

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your weekend was as fabulous as mine. When I saw this stunning closet/office, I knew I had to share it with you. I was left speechless. With every photo, I was begging for more. Every detail was thought about and arranged in such a manner that it looks organized and clean. I would come in and mess it up in two seconds throwing clothes off the racks and shoes off the shelves. Or I might just stand in awe of its wonder.

What’s your favorite part of this sophisticated and beautiful closet?