5 Eco-Friendly Clothing Companies You Can Get Into

Being green is something I try to live by on a daily basis. When I was in school, I went through a six-week course on living an eco-friendly lifestyle and also how to design this way in the buildings and spaces I work on. I learned a bunch of lengthy vocabulary words that I probably couldn’t repeat. But needless to say after that course, I started making an effort to live more “green” and reduce my carbon footprint. I stopped using Styrofoam, I started using canvas bags when I shopped, and I refilled bottles of water instead of tossing them.

I will sharing some of those tips with you throughout this month in hopes that you can be mindful of the world around you. I haven’t become am avid treehugger nor have I gone out bought an energy-efficient vehicle, but I’m doing little things that I hope will overall make a difference in the scheme of things.


One of those things is researching companies that are consciously making the same effort to provide products that will give back to the community for generations to come. As part of my green theme, I am sharing five clothing companies that are 100% eco-friendly, one of which is local. These companies manufacture in the USA in non-sweatshop factories and use organic and eco-friendly dyes and fibers. Most of the fabrics are prewashed and end up being super soft and comfy. Pretty great, right?

Organic Clothes

1 Earth Creations (made in Alabama!) \\ 2 Loomstate \\ 3 Indigenous \\ 4 Maggie’s Organics \\ 5 Blue Canoe

Upcoming: Go Green!

April is just around the corner and I’m excited to start something new. Last month you may have noticed I post a lot on organizing. I shared tips on how to have a minimalistic closet and how to keep your desk neat and tidy to promote creativity. This month I’m going to be posting on being green.


During the month of April on Thirty-Seventh Avenue, you will see posts about local organic products, reusing old items to create something new, eating and cooking healthier food items, fitness tips, giveaways, and more. Since Earth Day is April 22nd, I couldn’t think of a better theme for this month.


If you have some tips you want to share or want to be featured on my blog, feel free to contact me through this form. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Friday Favorites

Sparkling Cranberry White Chocolate Cake - super moist vanilla cake full of fresh cranberries, iced with white chocolate icing and topped with sparking cranberries!

[ONE] Sunday brunch is calling for a delicious cake like this one. Yums.

[TWO] I would have never pictured this person doing a collab with Target, but I’m so glad they did! I’ve already got heart eyes for the Fringe Kimono Jacket.

[THREE] It’s easy to getting trapped in a pity party for yourself from time to time. In case that happens, read this article

[FOUR] There’s a list of things not to wear to the office. Here it is.

[FIVE] Pugs are possibly the funniest looking thing in the world.

Home Tour: A Sea of Turquoise

I haven’t done a home tour in a while, so I figured I’d bring it back boldly with this turquoise-lover’s dream home by Phi Home Designs. The seamless trail of turquoise works it’s way through this Camden, Maine home and pays homage to nature. Each space flows into the other so perfectly and there’s just enough neutral to keep it toned down. Even though the bright pop in the dining room is surprising, it’s not too overbearing. The architectural details are beautiful just in itself and all of the natural light really makes this home feel warm and inviting.

To finish you tour, head on over to Phi Home Designs here.

Spring/Summer Reading List

When you’re a busy gal, it’s easy to forget to make time for yourself – especially when you love all the little things that fill your time so much. One way that I am resolving to get a little more “ME” time into my day is sticking my nose back into a book, or two. I love to read and when I find a good book I dive right in and I become another person. You know what that feelings like, if you’re a reader like me.

As summer is approaching and more time is being spent outside, I’ve complied a list of a few books that I want to tackle. The first on this list is The Fringe Hours by Jessica N. Turner because it’s about making time for yourself.

ReadingList copy

From left to right: 1\\2\\3\\4\\5\\6

What’s next on your reading list?