Fast Fix: No Closet, No Problem


I am not one of those peeps who need a studio apartment-sized closet, but I so appreciate having the ability to put things away. In all the apartments I’ve ever had, I’ve always had a closet. With that being said, I never said they were huge walk-in closets. I always needed more space. Check out these fast fixes for when you don’t have a closet.

The out-in-the-open exposed shelving solution. You have to be super brave to do this one. Having all of your clothing, shoes, and accessories out for anyone to see can be a little nerve-wracking and cluttering. These three examples show that having your clothes out in the open can be done. And done well.





The bookcase-turned-closet solution. This is so super clever, I wish I would have come up with it on my own. All you need is a bookcase, hanging rods, and baskets to make this bookshelf your closet. Other options for this are a cabinet with doors or a cube system with canvas baskets. Done and done.




The hidden section of your room solution. This is also equally as clever as the bookshelf solution. All you need a corner of your bedroom or a section of your room that you can portion off to create this closet. Curtains or vintage doors can help make this closet seem more private, while still looking stylish.




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White That Works: Tips for Decorating with Whites



When I came across Shea and Syd McGee’s San Clemente home tour on Style Me Pretty, I was smitten. Owners of Studio McGee, a full-service design company , the dynamic duo’s home is the definition of white that works. Looking through their gorgeous abode, it sparked the inspiration for this post. On top of that, I just saw last week that Benjamin Moore’s 2016 Color of the Year is Simply White (OC-117), so this is a perfect time to start adding white into your decor.


You might think that white walls are boring, or doing too much of white can create a stark and sterile feel. But it’s only because you haven’t seen it done correctly, and beautifully. As you can see in the McGee’s home, shiny whites can really brighten up a space, but also create a warm and inviting atmosphere that comforting. Here are a few tips for decorating with white that you should remember.


Not all whites are created equal. While it’s fine to combine whites, make sure they are on the same temperature scale. In other words, yellow based whites are warm, blue based whites are cool. It’s not best to mix the two.

CTTI_Whites copy


Keep it cozy. White has the ability to make a room fresh and cozy all at the same time. Using lots of soft fabrics for comfort, add touches of greenery, and use warm woods throughout the room will create this cozy feeling you want to have in your home.


Texture is everything. In any monochromatic room, texture is what keeps the place feeling like it’s a hospital room. Use woolly throws, wood blinds, textured rugs and subtle tone on tone patterns to add texture.


Don’t fear white fabrics. Although on the surface it may seem scary to have anything you sit on in white, most mass furniture retailers, like Rooms-To-Go, offer a Scotchguard on all of their products to keep stains for sticking. But if you’re still worried, try investing in a slipcover that you can take off and wash.


Mirror, mirror. Mirrors had depth to an otherwise small room. If you’re trying to make your space seem larger, adding a gallery of mirrors or one large mirror over the mantel will create this sense of space that didn’t seem there before.


When in doubt, add gray. Try adding another neutral to give depth to the space. Grays and black are great for cool whites, while beige and browns work well for warmer whites.


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For more pictures of this gorgeous home, visit Style Me Pretty or simply click here.

All images c/o Brooke Palmer; all opinions are my own. 

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How High to Hang Art & Mirrors

If I had a dollar for every piece of art that I saw that was hung too high, I’d be a millionaire. I have a huge pet peeve for a piece of art or a mirror that’s hung either too high. Most people have always heard, “Hang your pictures at eye-level.” Well, unless you’re Shaq, there’s no reason for your artwork to be hung so close to the ceiling. Let’s bring those babies down a little.


So, let me help you out. There are two different scenarios that can dictate placement for artwork. Either your artwork (or mirror!) is the focal point or it’s being hung over a piece of furniture such as a chest or sofa.

For the first scenario, the magic number is 58″ above the floor. This applies for one piece or a grouping of pieces like you would have in a gallery. See the examples below.

1 piece at 58

gallery wall at 58

3 pieces at 58

symmetrical balance at 58

For the second scenario, artwork or mirrors should be hung 6″ above the piece of furniture. Same applies for galleries or one single piece. See the examples below.

hanging artwork over sofa 1

hanging artwork over console or sideboard

hanging artwork over sofa 2

The goal is for the furniture and the art to look connected within the space.  If the art is hung too high, it appears to be floating.  Remember, you’re not trying to fill the whole wall with the art by hanging it right in the middle, you’re trying to bring the eye down to the vignette you’ve created with your furniture and art.

Happy styling!!

3 Alternative Coat Closet Ideas

The foyer is the first thing people see when they walk into your home, so it’s imperative you make a great first impression. You know that yucky coat closet that just gets piled with junk? Yeah, I’m talking about that one.

What if you changed the purpose of it, but made it more usable?!

I have a fairly large coat closet right inside my front door. The doors are all jagged and dark, so I wanted to do something a little different with it that didn’t cost a lot of time or money. Here are three alternative ways you can use your coat closet, without losing the storage. I can’t decide which one I’m going to try in my own home! They are all so clever!

Remove the doors and add a piece of furniture. 


I love, love, love this idea. It’s so elegant. If you didn’t need your coat closet, this would be an excellent idea. Besides, you’d have drawers for your keys, mail and what-nots.

Remove the doors and make it a mud room.
For this tutorial, click here. 


This is more than likely going to be my solution, because I’ve always wanted to do something like this. I think it’s good-looking, yet makes sense.

Remove the doors (or not!) and add a pop of color or pattern. 

9 Places to Add Color Where You Least Expect It | Apartment Therapy:

This is a great way to add that pop of color you’ve been dying to have. You could also do a bold horizontal stripe in muted colors just for that extra oomph!

There’s one common denominator: remove those doors! I hate the doors that are on my coat closet anyway, so the first thing I’m going to do is chunk them! Now, should I add a chest, create a mud room, or paint the interior?

Kitchen Renovation: Inspiration


Today, I’m starting on the renovation of my kitchen! *little girl squeal* Well, I’m not starting it, my awesome contractor is starting it. It’s currently dark and outdated, as you can see in the photo above. I’m looking to lighten it up and modernize it a bit with Sherwin-Williams Alabaster White.

The bones are in great condition and the butcher block just needs some TLC. I’m going to add a a classic white 3×6 subway tile, which will make a huge difference. I’m still debating on whether or not to add a hood. Right now, it’s not in the budget, but maybe somewhere down the road. Either way, I’m taking the microwave out and add the tile all the way up.

I found an amazing piece of furniture that I’m going to transform into an island. Stay tuned for the DIY on that. That way, I’ll have a little more room to house appliances and have more work surface for cooking. And last but not least, all the hardware is changing to a gorgeous brushed nickel.

You don’t even know how pumped I am about this. J is going out of town until next Tuesday, so hopefully when he comes back I’ll get to show him the reveal! *little girl squeal again*

By the way, the guys at Home Depot know my name. I think that deserves a little some-in’ in itself. Follow me along on Instagram to stay up to date with my renovation process: @itsnatalieeoh.