Favorite Find of the Week

Favorite Find of the Week

This is genius. I found this on Design Sponge and immediately slapped my knee for not thinking of it myself. How much money have I wasted on curtain rods, when a wooden dowel and a cute door knob is literally under $5? Again, genius.

Food for Thought

Food for Thought

I love this. So often we don’t realize how fast our time is going. I am a victim of this. I work two jobs and go to class – seven days a week. Vary rarely do I treat myself to something fun. This life that we’ve been given is so beautiful. We must make something of it. Go outside, take a walk, and smell the fresh air. Smile. Our lives are pretty awesome, right?

Breaking the Rules: Dark Paint Colors

Have you ever been told not to paint your walls a dark color because they’ll make the rooms feel gloomy and spooky? Most of the time the darker the wall color, the less bright and airy it will feel. But there’s always an exception to every rule. There are plenty of ways to do it wrong so read on to see how to do it right.


There’s something enticing – and not a bit scary – about a room painted in a deep, rich hue. A plus: The darker the wall color, less important it feels to get lots of natural light. To keep the space from seeming claustrophobic, integrate lighter tones into the mix. White furniture, floors and ceilings would brighten the look significantly. For a more subtle effect, choose accents in medium tones, like the last picture above.


How to make it work:

– Start with a vibrant color. Look for metal tones such as silvers and golds or a gray with underlying notes of blue or green.
– Light it strategically. Use table lamps and wall sconces to enhance the clubby atmosphere. Install dimmers to achieve precise levels of glow.
– Add mirrors, glass accessories and metallic finishes. They bounce light around and generate sparkle.



Telling Time

I’m not one to immediately run to the clock section of a store and pick out one, but on occasion it’s nice to know what time it is whether you are sitting on the sofa, reading in your bed, or even cooking in the kitchen. I normally just find my phone, but it would be nice to just glace up. I was perusing the internet today looking at clocks for a client of mine and ran across an adorable line of clocks. The DENY Designs clock line at AllModern.com is full of bright and fun clocks that are just too cute to pass up. Here’s some of my favorites…


Ranging from $120-$160, these clocks are approximately 15″ square with rounded corners. Whether you are ultra-modern, a little hip, or super glamorous, there’s a clock for you. Make sure to check them out today.

I just might have to snatch this one for my bedroom…


And this one for my kitchen… (love the glitter!)


Which one is your favorite?

Favorite Find of the Week

Favorite Find of the Week

I was walking my dog this week and saw a bunch of trees had been cut down. I kept thinking and thinking, “I have to do something with these logs!” Found the perfect idea! Take an old stump, any size, drill a hole in the top, slip a skinny glass vase inside and wha-la a perfect centerpiece for your patio table. Perfect for spring and practically free to make – two things I love most. [Source]

Lucky in Love: a recycled painting project

I’ve found an old horseshoe in my Papa’s barn last summer and ever since it’s been sitting on a stack of books. I knew I wanted to do something with it so I went to Pinterest to find an idea. I found this picture and knew that’s exactly what I wanted to do with my horseshoe.


I had a vintage painted wood board from Hobby Lobby that didn’t match any of decor so I decided to just paint it white. I left a few rough edges to keep its integrity. I chose a golden yellow because it is the accent color in my room now.


I think it turned out great. When I get my room finished, it will be going over my bed. It currently matches my St. Patty’s day decor and looks perfect on my mantel.

Xo, Natalie